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How do I clean my earrings?

How do I take care of my earrings?

How do I store my earrings?

These are the three most common questions I am asked...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take care for all of your Crefftau Bach Catrin designs.

Caring for your new polymer earrings is SUPER simple. 

Plain earrings and beads (no glitter or foil)

  • Use a clean, slightly damp baby wipe or cloth to clean the earring or bead gently. 
  • Dry before use. 

All polymer clay earrings and beads (with glitter and foil) 

  • All polymer creations with foil or glitter are glazed for protection.
  • Clean ONLY with water and a damp smooth cloth. Please don't use chemicals as this can damage the glaze. 

Please avoid all contact with perfumes. hairspray, makeup and moisturisers as this could cause damage to the glaze of the earring or cause discolouration to your jewellery. 

  • Please keep your jewellery safe.
  • Please keep in a cool dry place.
  • Please do not let children wear or chew on your jewellery. 

I use only hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel back. Other backs are available upon request.

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