Personalising your earrings

Posted by Catrin Watkins on

I absolutely adore personalising earrings to my customers wishes, wether it comes to shape, colour or size. Please feel free to contact me to enquire anything..! 

The quickest and easiest way to get hold of me is either through Facebook or Instagram...

I am able to customise shapes, patterns, colour, size... as all the earrings are handmade if you see a design that has gone out of stock I could try and make a similar one but can’t guarantee that it’ll be identical so please bear that in mind... :)

As a young business owner who runs this business by myself, while attending university and working part time I allow between 2-3 weeks when making customised/personalised earrings - to order and receive materials, to make the earrings and post to you.

If you have a certain time/date you need the earrings please allow me a extra week before the celebration date.. (so if it’s a gift, please, please give the date a week before the celebration instead of the day of the celebration).

If you have any questions... please ask away...!



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